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The Lippo Group (力宝集团) is a major Indonesian conglomerate founded by Mochtar Riady. The Lippo Group began with Bank Lippo, later using this as a platform for regional property development projects. These projects, throughout Indonesia and China, are akin to Irvine, California's development. In 2001, the Lippo Group delved into the education market with the newly-minted Putian University (in Putian, Fujian Province, China) by providing international training (using English) for specially-selected accounting and computer science students.

In the 1996 US presidential campaign, Mochtar Riady's son James was a major campaign contributor to the Democratic Party. In 1998, the United States Senate conducted an investigation of the finance scandal of the 1996 U.S. presidential campaign. James Riady was indicted and pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations by himself and his corporation. He was ordered to pay an 8.6 million U.S. dollar fine for contributing foreign funds to the Democratic Party, the largest fine ever levied in a campaign finance case.[3][4][5][6]

James Riady lives with his family in Lippo Village, Karawaci, surrounded by security aides. He has been demonized by the media because of his involvement in the campaign financing scandal. Hendardi, an Indonesian human rights activist, once stated that Riady's "major achievement was to export corruption to the U.S."[3]

Kamis, 15 April 2010

Lippo employees protest


Aditya Suharmoko , The Jakarta Post , Jakarta | Wed, 02/03/2010 2:27 PM | Business

Hundreds of employees from PT Direct Vision, a Lippo Group company, complained to lawmakers Wednesday over what they said was the management's failure to pay their salaries for four months, since October last year.

At least 204 employees met the House of Representatives' Commission IX on labor, health and social affairs to complain against Direct Vision's negligence in paying its employees since the company's pay TV Astro stopped operating.

"We just want our salaries, to which we are entitled, to be paid by the company because most of the employees are living in despair. Some of them have sold personal assets to cover their family's living costs," they told the lawmakers.

Direct Vision had sent a letter to the employees asking them to settle the case with lawyers appointed by the company, the employees said.

They said Direct Vision had sent a letter to the Communication and Information Technology Ministry on Jan. 10, 2010, requesting the ministry allow Astro to resume operations.

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What a scandal! To think of the reputation of Lippo Group as a global player in the international arena. A multi-billion dollar group with asset base and revenue conglomerate with over ten thousand employees; Lippo has offices worldwide; in China mainland, Hong Kong and Macau; Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and naturally back home in Indonesia. Furthermore, with over 10 public-listed companies in different part of the world and their perpetual investment worldwide from projects ranging from their core strength business to even mining; one may say there is not a thing that Lippo has not ‘touched’ on their business sprawling. Yet looking at how Lippo Group handles one of their latest venture which apparently turned sour and bitter with the Malaysian-based Astro All Asia Network broadcasting company; causing further employment issues with the very employees they hired to develop Astro in Indonesia at the first place; it is quite another story. One may wonder how many faces Lippo Group does represent after all. To put their own employees in a limbo without any intention to take any action concerning the employees’ right is simply despicable. The sheer amount of total salaries from the total employees in Direct Vision is paled in comparison with the global business ventures of Lippo Group worldwide. Yet another plan from this giant conglomerate; as Indonesia's largest financial holding group, is to pour CNY 10 billion into its operations in Mainland China in the next three years, and the mainland is predicted to contribute to 70% of its revenues in the next ten years. There is endless list of the thirst and hunger of business deals and investments of Lippo Group around the world. If only the same hunger for business could be applied simply in taking care of their own employees. Shame on Lippo Group and their leaders for failing to take care of the most basic right of their own employees. To Lippo Group leader, this amount of money you owe to your employees is nothing compare to all the assets you have gained, so give the people back what they are entitled to and stop talking big, instead start responding and do something!
It is such a shame to read this news that Lippo Group, one of Indonesia's largest conglomerates with estimated annual revenues of USD 3 billions, does not pay its own staff for months. It is depicable to even think a well known nation wide company could be so low by refusing to pay the rightful salary of its own staff for months and let some of its employees struggle financially to fulfil their daily lives. I would have thought James Riady, the CEO of Lippo Group is aware of this situation and should not apply double standard. Lippo Group ceased to pay the Direct Vision's employees since October 2009. Interestingly, an interview of James Riady by Knowledge@Wharton was published on 28 October 2009 whereby James repeatedly mentioned the core strength or strategies of Lippo group is the whole concept of RESPONSIVENESS embraced by Lippo. If Lippo Group is a RESPONSIVE group, we certainly do not see any responsiveness in their dealings with the Direct Vision's hundred employees who have to fight for their rightful salary. Or else, none of us would be reading this piece of news. If you continue to read the article published in http://knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu/article.cfm?articleid=2365, you would be appaled to see the double standard of what being preached by James Riady and what actually being done to his own employees at Direct Vision. A man who claimed that the highest, most beautiful thing that people can say about him when he dies is that he had been a man of God, that there has been clear evidence that he had lived a Godly live..... a Godly man automaticalluy means that he loves his family and society, that everything he does has a purpose beyond material issues and that he wants to make a social impact. Ethichs and morality are important to define success. Well, very nice wording James, we are now waiting to see your own words as the CEO of Lippo Group (thus Direct Vision) being applied in this case. I sincerely hope that you will not be part of the Hall of Fame of NATO group (NO ACTION TALK ONLY) Do the rightful thing for your own employees and be the man of God you claimed!!!

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